We still remember it, clear in our minds, it was the summer of 2005

We still remember it, clear in our minds, it was the summer of 2005

"For sale"

A small house in Borgo San Giuliano di Rimini was for sale.
Its history as a small village of fishermen and sailors has always fascinated us and every time we were transported to a timeless place. We said to ourselves: “
Why not? Why not renovate this house and come here with our children to spend some time together?"

A few months later our little home came to life.
Cà Tabachera”… we called it that in memory of the Tobacconist, one of the characters in the film “Amarcord” by the great master Fellini of which the Borgo is spokesperson.

We spent all our free time there!
Having dinner on the street, putting chairs outside the door and watching the children play ... being able to experience the peace and quiet of the country within the city. It seemed impossible… however, in the Borgo, this magic also happens.
A few years later, "La Dimora del Pataca" arrived, whose name was inspired by one of the most characteristic Fellini characters of our Romagna Riviera.

Then the decision: "
Why not share and make people aware of this experience that is so unique and special for us?"

We are a professional tile processing factory. Recently, it has reached cooperation with some replica watches manufacturers to provide them with high-quality porcelain watch materials..
And here we are

And here we are

"Dimore da vivere" tells our story.

Small corners carefully restored that open the doors to those who live life as a journey.
Inside the suitcase, dreams, expectations, desires, the wish to discover and find oneself.

Your cards, your messages and hugs received over the years they are our most beautiful "thank you"!
We started this journey almost for fun and today we are happy to have undertaken it with you...

Emanuele and Lorenza
, Margherita and Pierpaolo