Cà Tabachera

Ca' Tabachera is inspired by the Junoesque Tabaccaia from the film Amarcord by maestro Fellini.

A woman with a voluptuous, ample silhouette wrapped in a tight light blue wool sweater.
Our home is located in Borgo San Giuliano, the ancient village of sailors, one of the most evocative places in Rimini, a short distance from the Tiberius Bridge and the historic centre.
We immediately took care of "her" with careful renovation work. A marine style house in pastel colours… a beautiful postcard to write and keep.

Cà Tabachera is on two floors: on the ground floor there is the living room with a double sofa bed, a kitchen complete with dishwasher and freezer and a bathroom with shower; on the first floor there is a double bedroom and a bathroom with shower and, finally, in a lovely attic, there is a double bedroom. The house has a television, adjustable air conditioning on each floor, washing machine and Wi-Fi.

Also designed for families travelling with small children, a cot can also be added in the bedroom.

Nothing is left to chance. Now, close your eyes for a few moments and ... imagine you are in Rimini. Sitting on the threshold of your Home, breathing the magical atmosphere and savouring the simple life of the villagers. Imagine meeting the great master in the streets of the village. It's really possible: look up at the facades of the multicoloured houses. You will be fascinated by the murals and the story they tell: the life of Fellini and his memorable characters.
How do you feel? ... like at home, safe with those around you.

You will have everything at your fingertips.
You can go out in peace and enjoy the village and its charming traditional Romagna restaurants. Or, after an extremely active day, you can stay at home: do a little shopping in the village shops and enjoy an intimate family dinner. We will do everything possible to make you feel the way we do every time we cross that threshold and welcome someone into our home.
Excited to be able to give you the chance to enjoy the unique experience of life in the village!

Cà Tabachera

Borgo San Giuliano - Rimini

Borgo San Giuliano, n.134 - Rimini (RN)

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